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If you could do one thing each day that would enrich every moment and bring your life more meaning and clarity, would you do it? If there is a book that helps you satisfy this need, would you like to have a copy?

An Encounter: A Daily Discovery in Divine Word is my new, seven-volume series filled with rich, faith-based passages that can profoundly impact the way you interact with the people and the world around you. It would bring your life more meaning and clarity.

Get through Your Every Day with Healing Words

Grace to you, dear friends!

Fr. Maurice Emelu

I welcome you to my personal website. Here, I provide firsthand information about what is going on with me in my commitments to serve you through inspiring, encouraging, teaching, and healing words. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email me. If you would like me to speak at your organization, parish or event, please contact me. Don't miss my daily video feeds on YouTube. They sure would serve as an incredible faith-based boost to your everyday life.

– Fr. Maurice Emelu

Fr. Maurice Emelu

A Quick Introduction

Fr. Maurice Emelu shaking a woman's hand

I am Reverend Maurice N. Emelu. As a Catholic priest from Orlu Diocese Nigeria, it's my unique call and giftings to share healing words and God's love to all the fellows of this world. My mission is to remind you of the hope that lies ahead while learning from past and current experiences, animated by Christ's centered words. Hopefully, you would be encouraged and inspired. You would learn some vital faith-based principles. You would be healed and be a channel of healing to others.

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Weekly ideas for encountering God in everyday life.

Excerpts from the book series of the same title available online, here and wherever books are sold.

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