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Image depicting seeing Jesus

What Does Seeing Jesus Mean Today?

In the endless streams of Internet notifications, pop-up ads, AI signals, and binge-watching demanding our attention, the quest to "see ...
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Image with Number 4

Life, Death, and the Number 4

Life, Death, and the Number 4, like characters in an epic saga, represent a foundational narrative in many belief systems, ...
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Fr. Maurice Emelu

Love As a Joyful Experience of Letting Go

On this Ash Wednesday, which falls on Valentine's Day, a reflection on love seems fitting. Love is a universal emotion, ...
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Messy storage area with hoarding. Photo used with Canva Pro Lisense, Image by CasarsaGuru

The Hoarding Epidemic: More than What Meets the Eye

Picture the jumbled mountains of knickknacks and clutter on the hit TV series Hoarders. It's easy to dismiss such extreme ...
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Fr. Maurice Emelu


Embrace the call to shine your light boldly for the service of others. Learn about the balance between humility and ...
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Fr. Maurice Emelu

Is the Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions?

You may have heard the saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions," which means it is not ...
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Illustrates hard work, planting, and character

Your Worth, My Worth: A Reflection on Character

What makes us valuable? Is it our looks, our professional accomplishments, or our material possessions? While these things might make ...
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Faith over struggle, look and see the light

Faith Over Struggles

Faith helps us navigate the struggles, the fatigue, and the noon-day experiences of our lives. Ugochukwu was the loveliest child ...
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Fr. Maurice Emelu Photo of the skies, nature's gift

Salt and light: a call to witnessing

The Blessed Lord uses two metaphors to speak to the witnessing life of his disciples in the Gospel of Matthew ...
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AI generated abstract art of the three wise men from the east inspired by Jackson Pollock.

Epiphany Moments

Testimonies of divine epiphany moments or revelations are around us, and the feast of epiphany is the right time to ...
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