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Hello, I am Reverend Maurice Nkemefuna Emelu, a Catholic priest from Orlu Diocese Nigeria. Perhaps a little of my background may be of interest to you. I was born a delicate baby, the fourth child of eight precious gifts of God to the holy bond between Alphaeus and Grace Emelu – an entrepreneur and a school teacher respectively. My childhood days were mischievous so to say. I played pranks like any other kid and used incessant cries to get the attention of my parents. You don’t want to hear more about it. My dad is a staunch Catholic and a tremendous inspiration to me.  As little children, he woke us up each early morning to say five decades of the rosary before going to Mass at 6.00 am. I hated it, but now I know better. My late mother Grace (I called her Gratia) was my icon. She presented this precarious little boy to the altar of the Lord two days after his birth in a rather symbolic gesture. This may have been the precursor of the events of February 26, 2005 (my diaconate ordination) and August 20, 2005 when Bishop Gregory Ochiagha – a phenomenal shepherd, ordained me a priest along with seventeen others. The ministry has not been all rosy. As a seminarian, I was warming up for a massive, joyful evangelization outreach. Fair enough, I was set for the healing ministry too, with a keen interest in the pastoral care of the sick, the needy and the dying. My desire – “I shall not sleep, I shall not rest until the kingdom of Satan is emptied for the Kingdom of God” was ambitious. Forgive my ingenuous zeal for the house of the Lord, but that passion has remained through my formation years to the day the holy hands of my Bishop anointed me a priest. One thing though I have learned, my desire is not to be achieved by the force of persuasion but at the foot of the cross, where sacrifice trumps over my weaknesses and over evil. I had two similar successive dreams during the Pentecost weeks of 2002 and 2003; followed by my Mom’s sickness which led to her death two years after my ordination. These two events, among others, predisposed me for the ministry.  My Mom’s sickness was indeed a tutor. It opened my eyes to the reality of sufferings, pains and sickness and ever since, has impacted my priestly life in a great measure. Hence, my first book, “Scaling the Heights: If Anyone Can You Can” is a treatise on the virtues of courage and perseverance amidst difficulties. This book may be a good read for you. I have had my fair share of sufferings, and the Lord is not done with me yet. You may have had yours too. My biggest was to submit to my Local Ordinary for media ministry when I thought my natural propensity was to preach and pray for people in the parish. But the Church is the real prophet you know. Ever since, I have become like a baby led to where he knows not, but I feel the peace that suggests to me, “You are on the right track.” Moreover, the blessings of my incredible Bishop, Most Reverend Augustine Ukwuoma and the prayers of God’s people like you lead me on. Yes! I am now a media evangelist and a spiritual retreat preacher. I have a teaching series on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) called, “The Faith with Fr. Maurice”, which has been on air since March 2013 in the USA (and North America), Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. The series attracts thousands of viewers all over the world.   Similarly, I am the host of “Word For A Wounded World” another EWTN series to be premiered in September 2014. In addition, I am working on three other projects for EWTN, namely “Echoes From Africa”, “Called” and a documentary on “The Church in Africa.” I have also been a guest on a number of other EWTN regular shows, namely; EWTN Live hosted by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, EWTN Bookmark hosted by Doug Keck and Live on the Rock hosted by Fr. Mark Mary and Doug Barry, in addition to celebrating and preaching a number of live Masses on the same network. Likewise, I have been a guest on Tom Price Catholic Radio show, as well as Sister Juanita Sheely’s weekly radio show “God’s Saving Word” on WERE 1490 AM Station in Cleveland Ohio, USA in 2010 and 2011.  My teaching series also appear on KNXT TV in Southern California, USA. I am an infant theologian on my knees gazing into God’s sanctuary, a curious philosopher, journalist, and a media practitioner.  But of all earned degrees, my joy is in being a priest, a holy priest and nothing but a servant at the Lord’s court in service of God and His people. Journey with me through my pages on this site. Would you like to follow me on twitter, like me on Facebook, shoot me some emails with your cherished feedback, insight and suggestions for the work of the Lord? And if your budget allows, you may subscribe to some of my inspirational works, books, DVDs, MP3s and CDs. Grace, Peace and Love! Fr. Maurice N. Emelu