To The Woman I Love So Much: Blessed Virgin Mary

To her I gaze, her face I behold

Through the hills of Judea it’s told

The path neither of maze nor daze

Of hers humans find the smooth Grace terrace 

Of the plan the Triune bear

Eternity ever for humans prepare

The way to the Divine 

O human of you Grace design 

O Lady of nature behold, of picture deign

Not in the mind’s design 

But in the soul inspire

Spotless, better than the canvass design 

Speechless her beauty belongs 

Hers the best of women embodies

So gentle yet so strong

Soft spoken yet eternally glory trump

So who would imagine

To whom hers’ bridging 

That of this teen came

The world-maker say ma’am

The Virgin bearing the Son

Baby being the purest for the Son

Grace God intends, Grace God gave

Birth to birth humanity fallen save 

By Anne’s joy no seal can contain

Joachim’s thrill no wealth could maintain

To see the baby girl cry, 

World for her cry become of high

Wrapped in swaddling clothes

Nazareth rejoices and Jerusalem of joy amaze

In time has God’s promise been seen

In time, no long but seen

Imagine that Virgin who to the world Mom be

To that Queen who to the desolate world hope be

To that Blessed who of Eve’s Children redeeming

To the Immaculate of whose gift the world pure saving

To Mary Mom and Queen

To thee, your children smile and keen 

For with thee God is man born

For with thee, hope for all is dawn

Faithfully in love for thee, in love for thy son

Me to thee, heart be bond and on

In thy Son wrapped my hope, fire of love ever ignite

In the Father and the Holy Spirit, my life with thee unite

In heaven to thee I say

As on earth now I pray

One day with thee to your ear me whisper 

Finally I see your face, and your Son happy ever. 

blessed virgin mary
Picture describing the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Fr. Maurice Emelu

The Reverend Dr. Maurice Emelu is the Chair of a number of non-profit boards and a professor of digital media and communication at John Carroll University, United States. His research and practices focus on digital storytelling and design, media aesthetics and theo-aesthetics. Dr. Emelu lives where digital media technology meets culture, communication, philosophy, theology and society. He is the founder of Gratia Vobis Ministries, Inc. To know more about his professional background, visit

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  1. Chinwe lwu on September 8, 2021 at 5:36 am

    Beautifully composed. Thanks for sharing Father. Do keep me and my family in prayer. Thank you.

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